LAARS Heating Systems Company was started back in 1948 by Avy Miller. Their goal was to invent a method that would heat water quickly. She realized that moving water at a high velocity through special heat exchangers would heat water up nine times faster than other methods. The LAARS Company then began building manufacturing facilities to support their “low-mass” concept. This new technology spread across the United States.

The “low-mass” method was first used on the swimming pool heater market. Soon after, LAARS began to branch out to the space heating boiler and hot water boiler market. The heat and transfer process is both clean and efficient. Today, it works under the Bradford White Corporation with a manufacturing plant in Rochester, New Hampshire.

Laars Hot Water Boilers

A distribution center in Ontario, Canada serves customers in countries all over the world. LAARS residential and commercial products serve the hydronic, radiant floor heating, volume water heating, and industrial process markets. With 17 different product lines currently available, there is something for everyone.

LAARS produces residential boilers and commercial boilers that are clean and efficient. The LAARS gas-fired boilers are reliable. They are compact in size and they are environmentally safe. The LAARS NeoTherm boilers use condensing heat exchanger technology to produce the most reliable energy possible. It operates with 95% efficiency, which means little to no maintenance will be required.

The LAARS Mini-Therm boilers are compact in size with a small footprint, making this boiler popular with many home owners. The Mini-Therm has two distinct models, the JVS and the JVT. The JVS model earned the prestigious energy star rating. The JVT model has a standing pilot, while the JVS model is equipped with an intermittent spark ignition. If you are looking for more information on the LAARS product line, visit your local dealer today.